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No sound on Test Drive 3

So i finally found and acquired the mythical game of my childhood(it was a game that i remember played but it was the one that i forgot the name due to childhood amnesia), so far i tried in 2 systems 1st system was my pentium 3 with a sb live, the game ran too quick, so i took out my socket 7 time …

Re: What PSU to use

My P4 Prescott runs fine with a Radeon 9600 Pro on a Corsair VS450, to be honest i use VS450 on most older ATX builds, even my barton with a Radeon 9600 XT can run, but on some heavy benchmarking the system is unstable due to the lack of 5V current capability, but the system never crashed on normal …

Re: GTA1 DOS 3dfx Oddity

Check the %PATH% in DOS. Since you have a Voodoo3, my guess is, the search path probably finds the GLIDE2X.OVL copy for Voodoo3 instead of your OR3D. Or, you didn't install the ORD3 drivers which has its own version of GLIDE2X.OVL. I installed the Orchid drivers, but I suspect it was overwritten by …

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