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Re: PowerVR Fun Thread

so would the pcx2 fair better in a 64bit pci slot maybe. can it even take adavantage ? i can see the slight boost of a maybe a bx system at 133fsb because of the overclocked pci bus but your still stuck with a pentium 3 . then again doubt you can expect much more moving to a pentium 4. No, 64bit …

Re: PowerVR Fun Thread

in bx system pci bus doesn't overclock it has proper divider, its the AGP bus that overclocks to 89mhz in a true 66mhz pci slot that was attached to like a PCI-X 133 slot the card wouldn't run becasue its not 3.3v keyed. Its keyed for 5vonly. It wouldn't even be insert able in such a slot. the card …

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