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Re: VGA Capture Thread

Hi! I am looking for advice. I need record video from C64, C128, Amiga 500 and DOS-based VGA (up to 800*600). Will be good have posibility record and see video at one time. PC-dvr is mac mini (with usb2) or laptop (ubuntu, usb3) or old PC with Amd Phenom (4 core). I bought a DVD recorder to record …

Re: MS-DOS 6.22 memory problem

Somehow I managed to fix the memory problem, now when I do "mem" I also see an extra string that says EMS, now every game works fine, Bash has its sounds back, Realms of Chaos runs even if I keep my CD-ROM driver loaded, everything is working again as they were before swapping the HDD. I'm kinda …

Re: MS-DOS 6.22 memory problem

Well, I was always running MS-DOS 6.22 with both Himem and EMM386 loaded anyway and not much was different, except that now I can run those games and I get 641 free memory (not enough to run Realms of Chaos: 650, but I get them if I don't load the CD-ROM driver), whereas in MS-DOS 6.22 with the …

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