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Windows 98 hanging when I open "My Computer"

Hello, long time no see, Vogons! I notice that the whole site looks a lot different than how I remember it, so first of all my apologies if I post in the wrong section, but I really have no idea where to post this question with the Marvin section gone :/ Feel free to move to the right section ;) …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

To capture my VGA computers and also my consoles that use SCART, I'm now using an OSSC video converter a friend of mine gifted me for my birthday this year, it's a very cool device and I really like it. It can convert VGA, SCART and RCA signals into HDMI with a lot of settings in the OSD (it comes …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

Hi! I am looking for advice. I need record video from C64, C128, Amiga 500 and DOS-based VGA (up to 800*600). Will be good have posibility record and see video at one time. PC-dvr is mac mini (with usb2) or laptop (ubuntu, usb3) or old PC with Amd Phenom (4 core). I bought a DVD recorder to record …

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