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Re: Graphics card for Via C3 Nehemiah builds?

feipoa, do you have a particular reason to run the C3? A particular target for the build? The reason i put the V3 in mine, is more because i picked the Nahemiah for its slowdown tricks than its speed. With the V3 having pretty good dos compatibility it seemed like a fitting card and paired with the …

Re: Ultimate multi-sound card setup?

I have a system which is pretty loaded on the sound front. (covers most stuff, but i really like midi) Via C3 - Awe32 (28MB Ram, Trust Korg Sound Module), Turtle Beach Malibu, MPU401 With Dreamblaster X2 attached and a load of external modules (MT32, SC-55, MU50, MU10, TG100, NS5R (With Dreamblaster …

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