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SoftMPU crashes EMM386

in SoftMPU
Hello all, I feel like I've made a mistake which will be obvious to all except to myself, but... Whenever I try to run SoftMPU I get a "EMM386 Unrecoverable privileged operation error #09" error, which crashes DOS. I'm using a YMF724 in Win98SE Real Mode DOS with PC/PCI. My question is, what is the …

Re: Doom 2 hangs on boot (Win98 SE - Real DOS)

in DOS
Thanks for your help everybody. Sorry for the really belated reply, but I managed to fix this issue. The problem was caused by the MS-DOS shortcut in Windows (the kind that reboots the PC) not pointing at the game directory along with the executable in a separate field. Not sure why this was …

Re: Doom 2 hangs on boot (Win98 SE - Real DOS)

in DOS
Hey thanks for your response, I tried deleting the settings, removing sound through the setup config, and also reinstalling (from original CD) but it doesn't fix it. I always suspected that DOS/4GW games don't need any config/autoexec settings, which is why I immediately thought the problem was with …

Doom 2 hangs on boot (Win98 SE - Real DOS)

in DOS
Hello, I've been having a frustrating time trying to get Doom 2 working again on my Win98 SE system in Real DOS mode. The weird thing is that it was working before, until I went on a spree of installing a few DOS and Windows 3.1 games and programs. The point at which it hangs is immediately after …

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