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Re: Windows 95 keeps Removing wallpaper

Got it working, had to reinstall everything like this Win95->IE4.01->IE5.5->SP1 Now everything is working great! I had no idea IE4.01 would change the whole explore layout. Had to reinstall windows, i did the exact same same route and now im getting that same problem i cant even change to a solid …

Re: Windows 95 keeps Removing wallpaper

I don't see active desktop anywhere. I'm using win95c with the unofficial service pack and IE5.5. When win95 logs in there is box in the corner that says "windows is now setting up the following item" my desktop refreshes then goes to a solid color background.

Windows 95 keeps Removing wallpaper

Every time windows boots up there is a box that pops up configuring windows, when it goes away desktop refreshes and my wallpaper is gone nothing but a solid background color. Could it be cause im using a .jpg image Is .bmp recommended?

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