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Re: AMD Phenom II @ 3400 Mhz running DOS games and ESS SOLO1

in DOS
... I guess it has something to do with my mainboard, but, is there any hack (even to the bios) that might enable this sound card and work under DOS? Unfortunately no. AMD/ATi south bridges never supported the legacy features required by PCI soundcards to emulate SB hardware. More info: https:// …

Re: VST Midi Driver Midi Mapper

Hi, It seems I was right. I have added the missing BASS_SetConfig(BASS_CONFIG_BUFFER, 50) call to MidiSynth.cpp. This way the Arakula version of this driver has a much better latency ( 50 ms vs. 500). Since I do not have the full tool set to compile the whole package I only compiled vstmididrv.dll. …

Re: VST Midi Driver Midi Mapper

(I'm surprised the default is 500ms though. That's HUGE!) Bass is first and foremost a general audio library for playing many formats (mp3, wav, mod, etc.) so it has to be tuned if someone wants real-time Midi synthesis with it. E.g the Waveout and Directsound output engines of Winamp use 2000 ms …

Re: VST Midi Driver Midi Mapper

Scroll up. There are two forks of the original emtee40 vstmidi software. One by Arakula, and the other by DB50XG. (Yeah, their name is confusing and sort of a bad choice in this situation.) The DB50XG one says on the Github it supports an ASIO output. (Also, I see it can do WASAPI exclusive mode …

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