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Re: 386 with 4GB?

The ram size would be limited by the memory controller in the chipset, yes? So, with a 386 hooked to a compatible FPGA "chipset" hooked to a DDR3 chip... Regardless I very much doubt anyone would have hooked 4GB of RAM to a 386. Consider how long it would take a 386 just to zero 4GB of RAM, much …

Re: Area 5150: New IBM PC+CGA demo

The "ANSI-from-Hell" graphics rely on the contents of IBM's character ROM - many non-IBM CGA boards have the exact same 8x8 font as the original, but that's not always the case. To find out without having to dump and compare, you can use the tool at https://github.com/viler-int10h/CGA-font-compare. …

Re: Happy 27th birthday, Windows 95...

in DOS
MarkP wrote on 2022-08-24, 21:00: Dos is underneath the GUI blob. I never used Win95 at all for personal use. I waited until it had matured a bit9Win98). "The Guide" not "The GUI"


The Serpent Rider wrote on 2022-06-16, 21:09: I imagine it would be a waste of time on modern system with 128+ Gb of RAM. Their 256Gb ramdisk is $90 cheaper than 4 sticks of the cheapest 32gb DDR4 sticks (128GB).

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