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Re: Need help finding childhood Super 7 mobo w/ big Dragonfly on box (ALI Aladdin chipset)

Really ? They seem to be some cheap Taiwanese brand, but not specifically PCChips/amptron/ECS/whatever else. As for the name, it's true, I still have to find an elegant way of doing that because for cases like PCChips there are dozens of names that exist ... We can't just add like 10 times the same …

Re: Building retro gaming PC 1999

It depends of your budget and the period correctness you want to achieve. I don't think there were socket 370 pentium 3s in 1999 Imo a good amount of RAM for 1999 is 128MB. 256MB is you want to go overkill. For the amount of sticks, I don't think it'll change anything. This is before the days of …

Re: Building retro gaming PC 1999

For 1999, with Voodoo graphics and sound blaster, what you could have was : - A slot 1 pentium 3 (I don't know the speed that were available at the time but I'd say about 650/700MHz max) - A slot 1 motherboard with i440BX chipset - A 3Dfx Voodoo 3 3500 (3000 or 2000 can be bought for cheaper though) …

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