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Re: OpenGlide for UT99 in Windows

I am unable to incorporate or test the attached code since it is for Tomb Raider, but it contains a change which was previously suggested as a fix for the appearance of "triangular shadows" near the game start. The "SmoothShading" setting is off by default, but set SmoothShading=1 to activate the …

Re: OpenGlide for UT99 in Windows

Added two previously posted patches and reverted borderless window mode. Resolution: set a value of 0 to turn off scaling or 1 through 16 to specify a scaling factor. May test with fractional values. For example, where Resolution=2 and InitFullScreen=0, then window size is scaled by two times.

OpenGlide for UT99 in Windows

Latest openglide with several modifications specifically tested for UT99 in Windows. Attached source code and binaries. Vsync set by wglSwapInterval=1 (given video card supports this extension). If InitFullScreen=1, then press F11 in UT99 to reacquire the in-game brightness level. Also, the …

Re: PCEm. Another PC emulator.

in PC Emulation
PCem is designed for accuracy in the time for the CPU to complete each instruction. It also strives for similar accuracy in other parts of the emulated machine. However, given the theoretical justification to time each CPU instruction, does it greatly improve the emulation of software or instead …

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