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Re: Welcome to the updated VOGONS

You know what I don't like about the new forum - it doesn't work on old web browsers anymore. This forum used to show up properly on Firefox 2.0 running on Windows 98. Now it looks all messed up and cannot render properly. Guess I won't be checking this forum from my Windows 98 computer anymore.

Re: Windows 95 install

My solution to using a 20.4 GB hard drive is to use a drive overlay software. They were frequently used back in the late 90s to bypass older MB size limits due to drastically increasing hard drive sizes and could be commonly found on systems that had those large drives. I found one created by the …

Re: Found new ram chips for Voodoo Rush

Man, you guys are brave trying to solder RAM chips onto boards like this. I'm not sure I'd have the cajones to even attempt that. I'd be afraid of damaging/ruining these relatively expensive old cards that nobody makes anymore. Good job fixing the card with the bad caps. That, at least, I might have …

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