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Re: Can anyone recommend a low cost PSU from Amazon that would work well with retro hardware?

If it just for testing purpose you could use a standard ATX PSU (Seasonic and Corsair make great ones) along with an ATX adapter like this one [https://x86.fr/atx2at-smart-converter/] to protect your mobo. I'm not affiliated with this project, I just happen to have one and can vouch for how nice it …

Re: Help fixing rare CL-GD610/620 VGA card

I just compared your pics from my card and I noticed that on mine jumper JP1 was set up on pin 1-2 while on yours it seems to be on pin 2-3. Also my external dipswitches are as follow (1 to 8, 0 is off, 1 is on) : 00110110 I still haven't got my hands on this card manual so I don't really know what …

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