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Re: HardMPU, anyone?

Are these HardMPU-boards cheaper than the PCMIDI from keropi? I ask because I need one or two for my PCs and I only have one PCMIDI and cannot afford another one at the moment 😀

Re: Gigabyte GA-686LX with Voodoo3 3000 AGP

I managed to pull off the plastic from the ATX connector without damaging it, and somehow it seems that only a few pins are really connected to anything 😁 I cannot imagine that the ATX connector is connected through any inner layers of the pcb. Am I wrong? Sorry for triple post

Re: Gigabyte GA-686LX with Voodoo3 3000 AGP

I will post pictures of the board this evening (CEST time). There was another transistor between the cpu and memory slots. This was just a NEC K2941 which seems to be a field effect transistor. I also searched the net for a good AGP pinout from the solder side but couldn't find it

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