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Re: Desoldering help

For desoldering, I’ve had decent luck with this method: clamp the board so that it is held upright, then with one hand on the gun and the other on the cap, apply heat while applying pressure to the cap to get the leg you’re working on free of the board. The timing to hit the vacuum trigger was the …

Re: Network Booting (and some NetWare stuff)

This is awesome! Great write-up on the subject. I've made heavy use of network resources to maintain and manage software on a variety of setups. On PXE: depending on how retro we're talking, I suppose, it does work! I guess the line in the sand essentially would be PCI slots. My retro LAN uses …

Re: "Lone Wolf" Retro/Daily Driver

(darn notifications..sorry again for the really late reply.) I cannot complain much given the stability of this machine. Any game I can think of, again released <=2005 or so, just works, with these caveats and workarounds: -You're probably not going to find a great way to slow down the processor …

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