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Re: What is your favorite or must have pieces of hardware?

Some parts: CPU: Pentium 133 MHz (first cpu) Pentium MMX 233MHz (second :)) Pentium II 300MHz (good times) Pentium II 450MHz (top PII) Pentium III 1GHZ (omg, 1GHz) Athlon XP 3200+ (my dream in 2006) Athlon X2 6400+ (another dream) Phenom II X6 1090T (First Hexa core system we never forget) Core2Quad …

PIII + W98SE for game reviews

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I really loved this forum and how everyone have amazing configurations and all the pictures and benchmarks. I will start doing some reviews of classic games from DOS and Windows 98SE for a blog ( http://gamerdesconstrutor.blogspot.com (PT-BR)) and i'll use this machine …

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