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Re: Top Gun Hornet's Nest no music?

in Windows
I am having problem completing Campaign 3 of Mission 8 of this game, where you land at Chinese airfield, any of you need my save file, for completing this mission?

Re: How to emulate CRT monitor in DOSBox?

in DOSBox General
hellricer wrote on 2020-11-14, 19:26: Get dosbox-staging, download shaders from github.com/tyrells/dosbox-svn-shaders, read documentation on GLSL shaders. DOSBox Staging doesn't support the audio music CD from Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness... I can only hear the MIDI sound...

Re: MechWarrior 3 with 60 FPS?

in Windows
What about sound? What is your CPU usage like when running the game? What is the GPU usage when running the game? What motherboard? What power supply? I asked for full system specs.... not just a few. I am using sb0220, board is 0KP561 (Optiplex 330), PSU is N305P06... Here is a screenshot of GPU, …

Re: Do you use CRT monitor for gaming?

in Windows
Yes CRT > DLP > OLED > Plasma > LCD (for gaming with lots of movement imho) Currently: 21" Sony C520 x2 19" Sony G420 (extremely sharp) 15" NEC PC TV455 (all round best) 15" NEC PC TV451 15" Sharp CZ 614D 15" Fujitsu FM Monitor (fav for 15khz) Some others. Previous: Sony W900 - Sold Sony 20" …

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