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How to compile MS-DOS?

in DOS
How to compile MS-DOS? http://www.win3x.org/win3board/viewtopic.php? … 518&language=en

Re: Top Gun Hornet's Nest no music?

in Windows
I am having problem completing Campaign 3 of Mission 8 of this game, where you land at Chinese airfield, any of you need my save file, for completing this mission?

Re: How to emulate CRT monitor in DOSBox?

in DOSBox General
hellricer wrote on 2020-11-14, 19:26: Get dosbox-staging, download shaders from github.com/tyrells/dosbox-svn-shaders, read documentation on GLSL shaders. DOSBox Staging doesn't support the audio music CD from Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness... I can only hear the MIDI sound...

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