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Tie Fighter joystick problem...

in PC Emulation
I am trying to run Tie Fighter in emulated programs such as DREAMM and PCem, I find it my USB Logitech joystick always veers to the right in cockpit, why is this happening in the emulator?

Imagitec Imagination Station

in DOS
I am trying to access the codes from this software library, none of them worked... https://www.pixelships.com/misc/imagitec_v101s3_parsed.txt https://archive.org/details/1994-imagitec-ima … ume-25-series-4

Re: Real War (2001)

in Windows
The game runs fine in VirtualBox running older Windows however, I cannot run any cheats in the game...


in Windows
I am having trouble running Quraish, old Arabic game in my Windows 11 system...

How to print classic game manual?

in DOS
How to print classic game manual? Are they printed at a specific size? https://ia600206.us.archive.org/18/items/Warc … Manual_-_PC.pdf

Battery icon in Windows 95 laptop?

in DOS
How to display the battery icon for Windows 95 laptop machine? Filename Image 2023.jpg File size 58.83 KiB Views 259 views File license Public domain

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