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Re: Windows 98 SE VM on a Ryzen 3000 not working

Masking VME didnt have any effect for me and I think its not the real problem. Same here, I tried the VME masking in VMware and VirtualBox - neither had any effect Anyone know if VME is still an issue with Zen 2 with latest bios updates, if so will likely be the same with Zen 3. Unfortunately, I …

Re: Vogons Driver Library Downloads throwing a 503 error

in Milliways
Yep, there is supposed to be an actual message with the 503 error, but I haven't been able to get it to work properly. Since you are using an Apache webserver, I guess the easiest way is to call a custom "503.html" via the".htaccess" file: ErrorDocument 503 /path/to/503.html You can set this up for …

Re: Windows 98 - Controller not recognized ?

in DOSBox General
Did you try JOYSTICK Joystick needs to be set manually Windows wants to use address 200-207, but it needs to be 201-201. Go to Device Manager->Joystick Switch from "Basic Configuration 1" to "Basic Configuration 0" in "Resources" in device properties for joystick. From https://www.vogons.org/ …

Re: Official Licenses? (DOS, Win98, NC)

I am actually collecting Big Boxes for a bit now, and I didn't expect software to be that hard to come by. Hi Michael, they actually do (still) exist. as ebay prices skyrockeded a few years ago, I guess "ebay-kleinanzeigen.de" would also be a good start for you, since you are youtubeing in German …

Those Win9x Crashes on Fast Machines…

in Milliways
A really nice read, why Windows 9.x crashed on faster AMD CPUs, but not on Intel CPUs of the sime time period: http://www.os2museum.com/wp/those-win9x-crash … -fast-machines/ TL;DR: It's all about the LOOPS

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