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Re: SoundBlaster 16 CT2830 IDE CD-ROM Configuration

I assisted this user on Facebook and was able to confirm jumper settings and IDE Ribbon orientation as correct. I wanted to ask: Did you use the included set-up program from the Driver zip? Did you use the Dell or the archive.org drivers? Also, please post a pic of your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS. …

Re: The Roland CM-500 GS/LA Sound Module

Question though .. I have a CM64, how is the CM500 "better" for retro gaming (Sierra and friends? Based on what I'm reading it really isn't; it's just another way of achieving the same (and parting with significant amounts of money) :) If I'm reading your question right, the short answer is that …

Re: help with soundcard

As listed above, you need to tell the driver which settings that you have configured on the card. If the last pictures are accurate, you are jumpered to IRQ 10, and DMA 6. THESE VALUES MUST MATCH WHAT YOU PUT IN THE SOFTWARE. https://www.ibm-pc.se/drivers/cdrom/MITSUMI/MITSUMI.ZIP I think that this …

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