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AMD Interwave LT1 board (reference card?)

Wow, one mysterios sound card was recently sold at the eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Soundkarte-ADVANCED-MICRO-DEVICES-Inter-Wave-AMD-1995-mit-Simm-Modul-ISA-Bus-/233612455803 Advanced Micro Devices InterWave LT1 REVC CSE OO7C I remember i read about "LT1" twenty years ago but never found photo or …

Re: List of rarest PC soundcards

Hi, still searching for photo of the JDF-SOUNDMEDIA001. Card with Yamaha YMZ263B chipset like Adlib Gold. A found only old discussion from 1997 or 1998 and dead link to ebay. Have someone real card or saved photos of the card?

Re: Historic Press Releases about sound card

This was very sad day : November 21st, 1997 Advanced Gravis Announced Today That It Has Discontinued Its Sound Card Business Advanced Gravis regrets to announce that it has discontinued its sound card business. All hardware and software product development and manufacturing for the sound card …

Re: Historic Press Releases about sound card

Web page which looks like PS: Product Code: 3400-1 Available in Stores in Europe Introducing the ultimate gamer's card -- the UltraSound(TM) Extreme. The UltraSound Extreme provides gamers with superior technology at an affordable price. UltraSound Extreme features 32-voice wavetable synthesis and …

Re: Historic Press Releases about sound card

TB Cebit 1997 Source: http://web.archive.org/web/19970614094044/http://www.voyetra.com/vti/pr/releases/vti031397a.htm FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CeBIT Show ‘97 — Booth D1, Hall 008 USA Multimedia Pavilion Contact: Stacey Pierson (spierson@voyetra.com). Voyetra Technologies Inc. 914-966-0600 x360 Voyetra …

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