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Re: What retro hardware you killed today or in the past :(. Killing spree stories+serial killers are welcome.Rest in pieces.

i once killed a really good 8088 PC long ago... an acer 500+ oem mobo XT clone, it happened 4-5 years ago and i was a total noob on electronics and old hardware at the time, the computer already had a dead non-standard PSU and i poked the wrong places eventually killing the integrated 8-BIT IDE …

Re: Dead monitor?

Filename IMG_8935.JPG File size 2.61 MiB Views 520 views File comment the thing Filename IMG_8937.JPG File size 2.17 MiB Views 520 views File comment the guts Filename IMG_8938.JPG File size 2.84 MiB Views 520 views File comment transistor one, source of noise Filename IMG_8939.JPG File size 3.07 …

Re: Dead monitor?

loosing some colours and flickering sounds like a cable/connectors problem. Maybe worth checking them. the cable was ok, when happens that i had to beat the back of the monitor until the colors were ok again, lol, that was even worse at night because i have to keep the screen yellow or get ranted …

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