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Re: Oddball Shuttle

Ahhh, you painted the hard to find plexi cover? You could have just put an inlay behind it like this.. I have a template for it you could have printed. http://i.imgur.com/rK6k2gKl.jpg Sorry for the thread revival. Thats an awesome front bezel replacement mod on that shuttle there wiretap. Any …

Quadro FX 4400 mod to 6800 Ultra

in Marvin \ Video
Has anybody on here modded one of these to a 6800 Ultra at all? If so how does one go about this and what is involved? I have googled the hell out of it and am able to find plenty of info on the reverse but not the way im after which is this way, i just suppose back in the day people werent modding …

Geforce FX5800 Ultra - Serious, Serious £££

in Marvin \ Video
I’ve just seen a 5800 Ultra sell for a smidgen over £1,000, and the one that popped up before that went for just over £400 I myself have sunk more thousands than i could ever imagine into retro pc hardware over the last 5 years or so But i just can’t fathom out quite what it is about these …

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