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Duke nukem forever 2001 - Leak

The game needs a wrapper to work properly, and the only one that works best is WineD3D to translate it from D3D8 to OpenGL, but the performance is trash. Trying DGVoodoo2 makes the performance way better (40/50+ more fps) but it messes up the rendering of meshes. Would you be able to check what's …

Technomage problem

I have a problem with technomage, dgvoodoo2 is not used on windows 10 on this game. I read in the forum that I have to modify some things in the registry, but I have not understood what and where I have to go to modify. A guide with screen would be useful to me.

Technomage dgvoodoo 2 problem

in Windows
I have a problem with dgvoodoo2, the setup recognize it, but in game it doesn't work. i think the problem is windows 10, because in a video on youtube a guy use dgvoodoo2 in this game on windows 7. how can i solve it?

Issue when loading level in Donald Duck: Quack Attack

in Windows
I've just found out that Donald Duck: Quack Attack can be started via nGlide by copying the GliVd1vf.dll file (which was missing) in the "DLL" folder found in the game's directory. I took that file directly from the "DLL" folder from Rayman 2 (both of the games has the same graphics engine). Then I …

Re: fighting force no music problem

in Windows
(I do not speak well English) I tried the patch version and it does not work, I know it's probably a playstation emulation, but I would like to play this version, because the emulators need to be configured depending on the game, and there are so many, that's why I would like to play the pc version …

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