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Olivetti GO423 (Positive Graphics Controller)

Anybody seen this card before? This seems to be the Olivetti GO423 (Positive Graphics Controller)? P.G.C. GO423 (Positive Graphics Controller) For M240 - M280 - M290 - M380 https://minuszerodegrees.net/manuals/Olivetti/Olivetti%20-%20Appendix%20C%20-%20Video%20cards%20used%20in%20Olivetti% …

Re: Beltron LCD-88

Didnt see your 1st post. Very nice and interesting PC indeed. The drivers for the network seems to have been on the hard disk, hope you made a backup before formatting it. I guess its a standard NE1000/NE2000 card however. You should open it and take a look whats inside. You can install ISA cards so …

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