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IPX removed from Linux Kernel in 4.18 - Wine & IPX Gaming?

in Windows
https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/cover/924311/ We all know dosbox is popular still for IPX network gaming - at least for mech2.org and a few other cult communities. Recently IPX has removed the Linux kernel. I was actually going to use it to set up a Mars NW server to see if Win95 on dosbox (with the …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

In my BIOS, there's an options that says "Repord no FD for Win95". If you can find it, that may help. Also, if you go into your System Properties (same window as device manager) and click on the "Performance" tab, then "File System", then "Floppy Disk" see if it's searching for a drive every time …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

P.s. The -fdc option to imagemount isn't working at all but my testing above was without mounting any floppy images. It's mentioned the configuration file template that dosbox-x can create but it doesn't seem to be in the code. The big question in the interim is compatibility mode paging going to …

FDC Emulation very broken

Hello Gents, I've been trying out the latest dosbox-x from github the last few days in an attempt to get Windows 95 working on it with Voodoo emulation working on Linux (Gentoo.org). I haven't progressed to voodoo yet because I've been having a few troubles. One little problem is you can't enable …

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