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Re: Collecting rants

Is this really all that matters anymore these days when it comes to collecting? I mean we used to have a couple ebay threads that were thankfully closed and there's heaps more when it comes to collecting and actually using this stuff. Space. I am sure for a lot of people, it comes to the point …

Re: Collecting rants

Just don't tell them. Simple as that. Do they really need to know why you want to buy it? I've found that it usually helps when trying to convince someone to post across the country when it's a pick up only listening on Gumtree. Straight up asking for postage on classifieds usually gets me ignored, …

Re: Collecting rants

Little rant from me. I've taken a break from hardware lately. Prices have gone ballistic locally, and I'm guessing that is in part due to COVID-19 and people having more free time to spend on their hobbies. Prices on new hardware is up too. Understandable, but still a bummer. Instead I've been …

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