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Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

in Milliways
Upgrade cycles have slowed down so much that I'm losing interest in PC upgrading. Well I can definitely afford $500 for a RTX2070 to get a mere ~30% more FPS than my current GTX 1070, but that's pure lunacy compared to getting TRIPLE the fps from a HD5850 to a HD7950 for $220 in 2013.

Re: Old Intel CPUs prices

in Milliways
So who is buying those old CPUs to keep the prices so high? Lots of irrational buyers out there on Ebay who will pay through their noses for a pointless CPU upgrade for their old mobos, or a replacement Z-motherboard to keep their overclocked K CPUs. When used 4790K goes for $200 and used non-sucky …

Re: Quake III Arena Benchmark Thread

Demo001, 1600x1200 maxed = 991.3 fps 8700K 4.7GHz, DDR4-3000, GTX 1070 I also got like 5720 fps staring at a corner in UT99. 🤣 What a far cry to the days 640x480 HL1 was a slideshow on software rendering with K6-2 500 and barely 30fps @ 1024x768 with a TNT1.

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