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Re: My review for the ALS100+

I also have a similar card but, mine only has the "standard" ALS100 chipset (without the + sign - not sure what the You can get ALS 100 and 100+ datasheets easily on the net There are links on this forum. Main differences are: - ALS100 does not have a builtin FM synth and needs an external OPL3 or …

Re: Help with Trident 9000B 16-bit mode

I have a Trident 9000B on a 386sx (@40Mhz) too. The Trident 9000 is the low component (cost) version of the 8900C. You only have to add 3 more chips to have a complete (S)VGA card: BIOS, memory and RAMDAC. The 9000i integrated also a RAMDAC so you need only 2 more chips. 8900CL and 8900D had FIFOs …

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