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Re: Driver download help needed from China

Anybody from China can help do download this? https://drivers.mydrivers.com/drivers/12_4923.htm Intel CPU main 540frslot driver i have, it was on my hard drive somehow, driver version 5.40.0-T03 https://disk.yandex.com/d/vfgML2Vm3TR4mw/x.xx/Win9x/Win9x_Rage%20PRO/4.11.2611_win9x_Rage_1999-09_3D-11. …

Re: Driver download help needed from China

Hello, How to get mydrivers.com account outside China or somebody can help download these two drivers and upload them somewhere else? main driver site: https://drivers.mydrivers.com/ user registration https://passport.mydrivers.com/reg.aspx Drivers that i would like to get from mydrivers.com: …

Re: Worst fastest early 3D cards questions

I searched all the versions I could find and there are few 04.3.203x ones which was a good start, I don't have links. It would be interesting to find archived official pages that should even have that .2039 that was not archived from the company webpage. The Voodoo Rush road seems the easy one to …

Re: ATi RagePro OpenGL files

marxveix wrote on 2024-03-14, 15:41: Edit: Here is one of the M6.00 driver that has 4.11.1062 i think,7505325.exe - M6.00-PCD16 https://no.softoware.org/get-7505325-exe.html?ir=1 Thanks, added it to the driver collection. I wonder why RagePro has such inconsistent driver numbering.

Re: ATi RagePro OpenGL files

Added OpenGL 4.11.1062 to this Rage3-GL_Win9x package and now it is easy to change OpenGL files and atidbg.ini settings with Autoexec.bat (without restart). https://www.upload.ee/files/16386911/Rage3-GL_Win9x.7z.html https://www.upload.ee/files/16386889/Rage3-GL_Win9x.zip.html Link to the full …

Re: Texture filtering - yay or nay?

Unreal 320x240x32 Software rendering Filename Unreal_01.png File size 170.85 KiB Views 1806 views File license Public domain Filename Unreal_02.png File size 178.26 KiB Views 1806 views File license Public domain Filename Unreal_03.png File size 174.52 KiB Views 1806 views File license Public …

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