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Re: Revisiting an x86-based alternative to the Raspberry Pi, optimized for retro gaming

I don't think a "Win98 mini" makes sense right now. You can easily run Windows 98 on a Pentium 4 system. People are still unloading those for $50. After God knows how much electromigration they've already suffered? They could burn out at any moment. There is a need for fresh silicon. I don't think …

Re: Win98SE Pentium 4 Project

Misery! Booted the system up the other day and the screen went "wonky", plus the cpu fan was roaring loud. Turned out the cpu retention bracket busted at the clip connections. Was using the star tech cooler, maybe should have bent the clips somewhat to ease the stress? First order of business is …

Re: Win98SE Pentium 4 Project

Anonymous Coward wrote on 2022-04-29, 17:24: With an avatar like mine, I guess there's no reason to ever respond to a P4 thread, right? 🤣. I'm not a big fan of the P4 either, but these days they do make a lot of sense for a cheap no nonsense 98 build. Not everyone has access to the more period …

Re: What modern activity did you get up to today?

Added some inbound rules on a Sophos firewall, opened a custom port for VPN service. Updated ASDM software on a Cisco and uploaded the latest VPN client software to it. Then updated a few laptops with the latest VPN. Scheduled time to update the firmware on the same ASA.

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