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Re: When did you purchase your first 386 / 486 Computer? Availability vs the early 90's affordability norm.

My first home PC was an 8088, 2nd hand, given to me free around 1995! Prior to that, the PC never really entered into the equation nor was it desired. Nevermind the cost, but generally nobody in my circle of friends as a kid ever considered a PC for home use. At home we all had Commodore 64 or …

Re: Merry Christmas everyone and have you ever lost something in your computer stash ?

Many many times. I've mislaid motherboards, cards & especially cables more times than I can remember. I've even found stuff that I didn't even know I had on numerous occasions. I keep meaning to make a record of everything I have and it's location in storage, but I never get around to it. About the …

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