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Re: defragging ssd

All data on SSD is fragmented by design, because it functions like RAID0 massive. There are few exceptions to that though. If SSD in question is using one planar NAND chip , you can expect it to write data similar to how HDD does it. doesn't mean that Windows can handle massive fragmentation as it …

Re: Is Vista now Retro

BTW some motherboards from Vista period had onboard NAND for ReadyBoost: https://hexus.net/tech/reviews/mainboard/8283-asus-m2n32-sli-premium-vista-edition-motherboard/?page=2 I think many of the Vista visual themes can be ported to Win7 or somehow made to work there You can port Vista theme even on …

Re: Best PCI VGA for a K6-III+

Quake 3 supported transformation part, but not lightning. sure the Duron core was another planet Not only that, but Athlon and Duron had minor difference in performance between each other. Yes, Duron had very small L2 cache, but it was slow anyway and K7 depends more on large L1 cache, which both …

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