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Re: Intel smashes Ryzen

The most relevant information I have is that it is 10nm backported to 14nm++++++++++++ 14nm lithography should be enough for everybody. Jokes aside, Intel is suffering from the same problem which AMD did after rise of Core 2 - they can't keep up with modern manufacturing. AMD also had to throw into …

Re: What is faster in games? Celeron tualatin 1300@1733 (133FSB) or Pentium 3-S 1400 (133FSB) ?

My 1300 is B1 stepping and I'm sure it will work You don't. Test it thoroughly for stability, then proceed. If you can't do that, then your best bet would be PIII-S. Also keep in mind that stable overclock may degrade over time, especially it it's borderline stable. 1733/1400 = ~24% frequency …

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