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I installed some kind of udma driver in dos once and it did make hard drives faster but it also made some software to stop working. I don't remember all the software that stopped working but at least speedsys didn't start so I couldn't benchmark the hard drive in it.

Re: Geforce 6600 vs Geforce FX 5950 ultra.

Fastest DX9 card without any compromises is Radeon X1950XTX. SLI based solutions are flawed. Note: Only DX9 (or below) hardware have proper dithering support in 16-bit color modes. I do have a sapphire radeon x1950 pro agp card. If I understood correctly it would mean that it would be more useful …

Re: Motherboard issue.

If I can't get it to work, I would not mind giving it away, but main problem in my country is the shipping cost when sending something to other countries. That is why you don't see people from my country selling stuff on ebay and it would probably be even more of a problem when sending something …

Re: Motherboard issue.

I have the "cannot initialize video" error on a socket 939 board. Still working on it. Are voltages output correct? +5/+3.3 If you mean the voltages I get from the psu, I have not measured them exactly, but I have just recently tested other motherboards with the same psu. I was just testing GA-6BXD …

Re: Motherboard issue.

I tried voodoo 3 pci card now and no changes in beeps. Here is a recording of the beeps Voice 001.m4a It seems the memory error beep, did you try other dimm modules and\or use another slot? I tried the same module in all 3 slots and nothing changed. ... but then I changed to a different module that …

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