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Re: How to repair VRAM connection fx5900xt.

Press the chips to the board one by one with your fingers during POST or BIOS and see wether the patterns change. If they do you have bad connections on those chips where it changes when you press them to the board. If not you most likely damaged the card or chips in another way. To repair the …

Re: Reusing Voodoo 3 original heatsink

It's normal to be able to push the heatsink around a bit if you replace the thermal pad with paste. Don't worry. Press the heatsink firmly onto the chip, don't rely on the pins alone to initially squeeze the heatsink on the chip and spread the paste between them into a thin layer. Once the paste is …

Re: Voodoo 1 repair - help

Did you replace the original suspicious capacitor? Maybe it is crucial to operation. Also are you using original drivers or something like fastvoodoo that overclocks the card? Some aren't stable with those?

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