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Re: Would you be interested in an x86-based alternative to the Raspberry Pi, optimized for retro gaming?

Some variant of this thread pops up every now and then: The OP has an (in principle) good idea for a new production piece of hardware to tackle a (preceived) scarcity on the market or to create a convenient one-size-fits-all solution for certain applications, and would like to ask wether it is worth …

Re: GPU for 440BX machine with 133 MHz bus?

As far as I know, the norm for ATX boards with 3.3v AGP is to just pass the power straight from the power header to the slot. Perhaps that FIC board generates it's own 3.3v for some reason idk The early AT boards with AGP slots and some early ATX boards (Asus P2L97 comes to mind specifically) had …

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