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Re: Dosbox SVN r4007 + savestates Build

Hey Gandhig, Great job on the savestate build. I just wanted to report a minor idiosyncrasy to you. In Turrican II, using the VS 2017 build, savestates do not work, giving me the, "Decompression Failed" error. However, strangely enough, the MinGW seems to work just fine, loading and saving every …

Re: Save States - Proof of concept

Hello. I would like to report a problem. In the game Turrican II, when I try to load a save state, the entire program crashes. When I load a save state in the debugger, I get a "Decompression Failled" error. Any idea what's causing this? I am using Dosbox SVN-Daum.

Re: Turrican II Difficulties

in DOS
Everyone, Thank you for the help, but after several days of painful research and experimentation, I solved the problem. The game now runs fine. It turns out it had do with the directory and the name of the virtual drive. As I understand it, some games really want you to name your drive "C:" or they …

Re: Turrican II Difficulties

in DOS
Alright, sure. On the official DosBox lisiting for Turrican 2, Sharky posted a fix for the problem: You need these files: msd/gus.msd msd/pas16.msd msd/sb16.msd msd/sb.msd msd/sbpro.msd msd/wss.msd omd/pas16.omd omd/sb16.omd omd/sb.omd omd/sbpro.omd omd/wss.omd english.lng oversmpl.exe readme t2.exe …

Turrican II Difficulties

in DOS
Hello, I know this problem has been brought up several times in the past, but I've never understood any of the solutions people have offered. So, I recently purchased a cd of Turrican II for dos and copied the ripped the files onto my hard drive. I then attempted to run the game in DosBox, but had …

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