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Re: My Completed Retro XP Build

Hm guess when i read XP Build i usually expect a Pentium 4/Athlon 64/maybe a early Dual Core. I would not consider this even a Retro Build. Its still so modern it could run everything except few games :D Nothing wrong with that, overkill rig is fine too after all. I would use "retro"in quotes, like …

Re: PC Case supply drying up?

in Milliways
An optical drive is not a necessity with GOG/Steam available, but I may get a weird "fetish" and decide to install Crysis off a disc or watch a dvd. Guess I'm just "oldschool" at heart! Yeah, I mean, that is case clearly aimed at retro system in brand new case. For my main modern rig, I have a case …

Re: PC Case supply drying up?

in Milliways
Part of the issue is me stuck on having a 5.25 bay, guess I need to get with the times! Yeah, this is real problem lately. Especially, if you want at least two of them, and god forbids, it you want also some 3.5" external bay. I bought one such case new few years ago, and it's still available here, …

Re: AGP cards for Windows 98 gaming - help!

Nostalgia hasn't hit me hard enough to want to go and relive that setup yet And I don't think it ever will. I'm really glad, that nowadays I can play old games with good frame rate (60+, if I'm not limited to 30 by game engine), and no nostalgia will even get me to play those games with horrible …

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