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Re: I broke the retention clip on this Socket 7 ZIF socket. How difficult is it to replace?

some days ago I got a broken S.370 on a Abit board.... fixed it with a desoldering pump/station. So I removed it first from a other cheapo board, removed it from Abit and soldered it back.... many many solder points ;) IMG_7425.jpg tried to do that many times with a desoldering gun on a socket 370 …

Re: Help me, trying to understand the history of 486 3volt to 5volt socket upgrade kits

today i did a lot of testing with some of those adapters the system is an ibm ps/1 that came with 486 50mhz. i started to test with 1) kingston turbochip 2) no brand 5v to 3v adater + amd 5x86 3) a DELL 5v to 3v adapter + amd 5x86 4) 486 overdrive 100 1) turbochip kind of worked it gave me 100mhz …

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