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Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
Just started on Age of Empires, well I say just started I've actually finished the Egypt campaign so in reality I'm more like a quarter of the way through but that's just nit picking.

Re: Happy 27th birthday, Windows 95...

in DOS
My how time flies. Just installed Win95 on one of my machines a couple of days ago trying to get an old video capture device working. Nice nostalgic experience apart having to play the hunt the drivers game ... that game is no fun at all.

Re: Play Incorporated Snappy v3

in Marvin \ Video
Did manage to find the software for it myself. Still can't get any kind of video signal into it though, three machines two operating systems and a couple of VCRs/cameras and a whole lot of swearing later and still all I get is snow. Ah well, it's something to keep me occupied until the next bit of …

Play Incorporated Snappy v3

in Marvin \ Video
Does anyone out there have the drivers/software for one of these things? The only software I can find on-line (archive.org and a couple of other sights) is for the NTSC version, which is not terribly useful because mine is PAL. I'm assuming there was a dedicated PAL version of the software because …

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

Anyone else familiar with these Ambra computers? This one is in its original configuration with 486SX 25MHz, 4MB RAM and 210MB Harddrive. I Added Sound Blaster 16 and 3COM networking card since the onboard controller does not seem to like CF adapters paired with a hard drive. Yeah I got one but its …

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