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Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

Anyone else familiar with these Ambra computers? This one is in its original configuration with 486SX 25MHz, 4MB RAM and 210MB Harddrive. I Added Sound Blaster 16 and 3COM networking card since the onboard controller does not seem to like CF adapters paired with a hard drive. Yeah I got one but its …

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
Just finished Star Trek Armada, not fun at all sadly. Found it to be very buggy and unstable even with the latest patch installed (running on Me (shut up, its the closest contemporary OS I had immediately to hand)). Had it tank multiple times to the desktop even when running in its own safe mode and …

Re: Your least used complete vintage system

in Milliways
My G3 iMac, simply can't find anything useful to do with it. Support (as in access to old updates) and software availability is nigh on non-existent from what I can tell (running Jaguar) unless I'm looking in all the wrong places (quite probably tbh). Most action its got of late is getting dusted …

Re: Weird problem with CRT monitor

in Marvin \ Video
Maybe the display is set for the wrong refresh rate. Had that problem once, did a factory restore on a machine and it would only work with a CRT until I got it adjusted to a rate compatible with newer screens. Though that would only cause the problem when running Windows, DOS shouldn't have that …

Re: Why DOS died...

in Milliways
I was still using DOS at work in the early 2000s. It was built into the Janus 2020 handheld bar code scanners we were using. Seemed fast and reliable enough at the time for that purpose.

Re: office suites and business software

I miss WordPerfect, used the DOS version (5.1) back in my college days. The other WP/spreadsheet we used a lot was SAMNA Pro running on AIX. So glad to see the back of that monstrosity. It was hellish even by the standards of the time (don't get me started about the spreadsheet aspect of it just ... …

Re: First computer-related job?

in Milliways
First job, straight out of college back in the mid 90s working as a code monkey for a small software house in Stirling. Working on a line of business suite written in BASIC on a Linux system. Oh, and it was an INTERPRETED version of BASIC. So anyone who bought the suite would also have needed to buy …

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