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Adlib replica not recognized

I built a replica adlib card recently that i'm having problems with. In my 486 it runs great. Sound works on anything I test it with. If I put it in a 8088 machine, I get nothing and the adlib test program does not find it. I am thinking its a IO port conflict, but not sure how to track it down. Any …

Re: SB16 cdrom audio

Tracked it down to a problem with copied discs. I used linux cdrdao to copy BIN/CUE files to blank CDs. The data worked fine, but the audio is messed up. Just need to find one that works properly.

SB16 cdrom audio

Need some help with a wierd problem. I have a cdrom connected to a older SB16 (non-pnp). The SB16 works fine for everything but games with audio. If I play an audio CD, it works fine. If I play a game with mixed cdaudio, like space quest 6, all I get is static. Sometimes you can hear the audio in …

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