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Re: Fix aspect ratio on Nvidia drivers.

in Marvin \ Video
I picked up an EDID emulator in order to be able to force different monitor profiles. It allows old single link cards to work with my dual link 1440p monitor for example. It might be possible to fix this entirely using software. By extracting the EDID information from the monitor and patching it, …

Re: PSCSI Disk Emulation success!

in PC Emulation
Very cool. I do something similar with Fibre-Channel, FreeBSD and ZFS and/or RAM backed volumes (mdconfig). I also have a Fibre-Channel router/bridge that should allow me to use plain old SCSI like your setup. The reason I use ZFS volumes is snapshots, rollback and clones (it takes less than one …

Re: Combining two Sound Blasters in MS-DOS

in Marvin \ Sound
dmil, that is an interesting thought and something to keep in mind. If it only affects a few old titles I can live with that. :) As it was an OPL3 thing I would expect it to affect newer games, not the really old ones. https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=44807&p=444854#p444672 https://www.vogons …

Re: Combining two Sound Blasters in MS-DOS

in Marvin \ Sound
My idea is to keep the AWE64 at the same settings, removing the AWEUTIL /S line from AUTOEXEC to prevent initializing FM emulation, configure the 2260 for different I/O, IRQ and DMA, then connect the line-out from the 2260 to the line-in of the AWE64. Is this a doable hybrid solution? I may be …

Re: Merry f'ing :-D christmass 2017 everyone :-) :-) :-)

in Milliways
Merry Christmas. I hope you all have fun over the holidays with your retro hardware and projects. I will not be playing with retro hardware myself (or try not to), but try to get on with organizing my stuff for the new year. Ok, maybe a bit of playing but not too much. 😀

Re: Need GUS advice (and two planned system builds)

in Marvin \ Sound
the GF1 GUS ACE is easier to use along 2 or 3 more sound cards (though it can be done with a GF1 GUS Classic as well). The Adlib port on an ACE disables gracefully via jumper, you only need to manually disable the phantom joystick port (a special version of ultrainit does that) Thanks. I could not …

Need GUS advice (and two planned system builds)

in Marvin \ Sound
Hi. (sorry for the long post) I have been lurking around here for some time, and have been bitten (more like re-bitten) by the retro bug... thanks a lot Mau1wurf1977 ;) Recently I have been thinking about building/rebuilding the following two systems, and I could use some advice. Mostly about the …

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