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Re: Cs4235 to cs4237b transplant possible?

My suspicion, then, is that no EEPROM was included. This is presented as an acceptable design in the documentation for the CS4235, even if it isn't something that I would want to do. I guess it shaved a few dollars total off of the BOM, so they shipped it that way in spite of the drawbacks. Given …

Re: Cs4235 to cs4237b transplant possible?

This is a little strange, but it is nothing disastrous yet. First, let's address the basic questions: Are you able to get sound in Windows? Can you do your testing from basic DOS (no Windows loaded)? What does UNISOUND /CL report from straight DOS? Before running anything else, what do you see if …

Re: Cs4235 to cs4237b transplant possible?

I don't think you'd destroy anything by attempting a replacement, but you may not get the best possible audio quality. In particular, I think the use of the filter capacitors is different between the parts. If you're set on trying this, it may be worth looking into one of the other parts, like the …

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