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Sourcing a socket 2, 3 or 4 for 486. To replace the burned out socket on compaq deskpro XL 4/66.

I purchased a set of boards and power supply to make a Deskpro XL up and running. Problem is: the processor 486 card has a pin contact burnt out, white ZIF with lever. Good so far but few things that is kept me to do so, I could not find bare socket or a junk 486 board to rob the socket from. I do …

Re: Identify this Intel server board? UPDATE: Partial pinout of the connectors, more information on power pinout reque

Photos found of the ZENITH Z-Server MX. Only difference is front bezel is slightly different but chassis is same as Intel Xtended Xpress server. ZENITH Z-Server MX Finally found the photos that I'm looking for to understand better. This was found after following the "The first ATX case" topic. …

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