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Re: Identify this Intel server board? UPDATE: Identified as Intel made Xtended Xpress and full pinout power supply.

Mr Slug, You are welcome, Full capacity is 768MB using 24 x 32MB FPM SIMMs across two memory risers, one bank is 4 72pin SIMMs as opposed to two on regular pentium machines. Due to early chipset, I think does not support EDO. I'm still looking for wiring to power control the motherboard like on …

Re: Good 4:3 LCD Monitor

16:10 is almost dead. The Philips 252B9 is one of the last ones still available new with both 70Hz support without frameskipping and an explicit 4:3 mode . It is not cheap (prices have gone up since I bought one) and requires an OSSC for the best possible results . Dell has a long history of …

Re: Asus V8460 Ultra Desktop Glitch

Exactly, ram issue. I had same thing on a ET4000 w32p, discovered when I was scrolling down long bookmarks in firefox back in the days where PII or athlon ruled the roost, not bothered to hunt down one by one and replace, so I reaped all and put in all same ram from one junked computer. Cheers,

Re: rails

I have similar situation with my case that I was searching for years and finally found. Needs rails made. It is slide in and click in by flat metal springs type latches. Stamped metal, U channel with two pins on one side to key into drive and hold them together then slide in. Springs on the sides …

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