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Re: List of Currently Free Games

Zoom Platform https://www.zoom-platform.com/ Downloads are all DRM free. Some notable freebies including Postal 1 and Killing Time (this version actually works properly). Annoyingly you can't search for FREE, so here are links to I think all of them. Alien Carnage (Halloween Harry) https://www.zoom …

Re: Getting nowhere with Yahama kit

Glad you got it working. I use MU2000EX myself. One nice thing about the UW500, is that if you use it in digital mode, it will still pass through analog audio via the AUX input. Very useful for me as some of my favorite games mix MIDI and FM music together, and the MU2000EX's digital output is a big …

Re: Getting nowhere with Yahama kit

Windows 7 user here, but this sounds like your MIDI ports aren't setup correctly. UW500's MIDI Din5 = Port 1 TOTG serial cable = Ports 2-6 So if I just want to play a MIDI via Windows Media Player I use a Control Panel MIDI port changer to set the default Windows output port as needed. One quirk is …

Re: Sound Canvas comparison project

Now I'm confused. Thought this was going to be a 55 based comparison. Which to me means only devices with official GS support. SC-7 was never meant to be a 55. E-Mu Sound Engine is a Waveblaster... I think including such extras kind of defeats the point imo.

Re: Sound Canvas comparison project

Thanks for that, guys. Hopefully will have an updated project document soon with the new info and contributors and their synths listed too. I'll try to come up with some Test MIDI files soon, at least to get us started with. Maybe the All-Stars MIDI by Roland, and some other demo songs, would be a …

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