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Re: Commodore 1084 monitör problem

Do you have something like a Kill-A-Watt meter? If the power usage is suspiciously low, it could be the flyback transformer itself. That it plays sound is otherwise a good sign, though. I'd take a peek inside to see if there are any obviously-blown caps and stuff like that (of course, it shouldn't …

Re: Dual boot with Win 95 Dos and Win 3.11

in Windows
Win95B (and all later Versions of Windows) supports FAT32, Win95A does not. A little nitpicking here, but: The original version of Win95 is not Win95A. Win95 is the original, Win95A is OSR1 (and included IE2.0); Win95B is OSR2. You are correct that Win95B supports FAT32 unlike its predecessors. …

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