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Re: Lost Vikings General MIDI port changer

in DOS
Hey, Carlostex, would you be willing to share the source for this so it can be used for other cards using other addresses too? I have this problem using an LAPC-I on 330, but I want to use an SCC-1A on 336.

Re: Broken SCC-1?

I am using a Cooler Master V550. I haven't tried another one though. I have tried the card in different ports on two entirely different motherboards though, one Pentium 200MMX and one 486DX2 66 computer, but both with the same power-supply.

Broken SCC-1?

Hello. I have a Roland SCC-1 that sounds strange. The Demo Songs should sound like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=365XkGuTod4 My SCC-1 on the other hand sounds like this: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtxQRLkK3W0N5yRfz_rigy0pR5zn?e=XrhSFC Anyone know what problem this is?

SB16 changes RAP-10 Instrument-mapping

I have a Sound Blaster 16, CT1740 which when I insert it into the computer, changes the instrument mapping for the wave-table of the RAP-10. No drivers loaded or anything, just taking the card out fixes the problem, but it only seems to affect DOS. MIDI-songs played in Windows seems to be routed …

Re: Roland RAP-10 Driver Floppies

Thank you. By taking a closer look though, these aren't the same floppies that came with my card. The floppy header on your disks contains MSDOS3.3 instead of MSDOS5.0 which my disks have. These should be archived as well though. If anyone have the version I speak of, please let me know! The version …

Roland RAP-10 Driver Floppies

I am looking for diskette images of the drivers for the Roland RAP-10. I do have the original floppies but apparently the disks came with copy protection off, and I had disk one altered by VGACopy by accident, so I don't want to make that an official archive version. If anyone have these disks, …

MIDI-in [patch]

Hello. I wanted to have Srecko's old MIDI-in patch revived so that it would patch successfully with current versions of DOSBox, so I had a guy commissioned, Shlomi Fish, to work on this patch. I am no expert programmer, but I want this patch to be maintained and any help keeping it in shape as …

Street Fighter 2 and MIDI

In 0.74, Street Fighter 2 (Kixx-release) works fine. In latest SVN and a randomly picked one, which I tested too, the game runs incredibly slow if Roland or Soundblaster + Roland is selected as audio-devices. The MIDI-tunes play an estimate of 1/1000 of original speed, and the game glitches and …

Munt and output.

Is it possible to select what soundcard Munt should output sound from, other than when playing songs in the GUI? I tried to select a certain soundcard in the GUI, but it doesn't use that soundcard when I play games in DosBox for instance. I am using Windows 10, and this soundcard I wanted output to …

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