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Re: Trackstar: Apple II clone on ISA card - new website up

in Milliways
I just received a Trackstar in a lot of ISA cards that I picked up from a recycler. What’s interesting is that my card doesn’t look like any of the images posted online, though I suspect that it’s an original 64k model: trackstar-isa.jpg Has anyone seen a card like it? Based on a comment on your …

Re: AT pico psu.

First unit built, and all voltages check out OK! Filename 4C26659E-75C7-40C6-B617-2F460B5C5AEB.jpeg File size 586.67 KiB Views 456 views File comment PICO-AT Hi-Current v0.4 back Filename E34A4DF9-0FB6-4143-9113-7A391F53B076.jpeg File size 982.01 KiB Views 451 views File comment PICO-AT Hi-Current …

Micro Q 386sx/25 Motherboard - HT18/C Chipset & Ahead V5000 VGA & Acer M5105 Super I/O - Research in Progress

I just picked up a really neat and tiny 386sx/25 motherboard with the following specs: - Headland HT18/C chipset - 2x 72pin SIMM sockets (maybe 2x 8MB SIMMs, for 16MB total, based on chipset support for <= 20MB) - Acer M5105 A3E super I/O chip (1x IDE, 1x floppy, 2x serial (DE9), 1x parallel) - …

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