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Re: DosView

Very cool, @SuperIlu. I wrote a Targa (old 24bit graphics format) viewer for MS-DOS 30 years ago, when I was in high school. It was a satisfying but also quite frustrating project. Maybe I should try to recreate it, one day. If I could write DOS graphics C code when I was a teenager, I surely can do …

Re: SBEMU: Sound Blaster emulation on AC97

Thanks again for this great work @crazii and @thp! I have been experimenting with this on a variety of ultraportable 4:3/5:4 LCD P3 and P-M laptops, since they are a heck of a lot smaller and lighter, and have much better quality TFT displays that earlier machines that have real SB-compatible audio …

Intel 830GM Graphics and DOS Gaming

I picked up a P3-based Dell X200 recently, and it has a nice 1024x768 screen, and reasonable performance. With crazii's AC97 SBEMU, it could be a great DOS gaming laptop, except that the i830 video doesn't seem to do all the standard video modes very well. For instance, Epic Pinball looks fine on …

Re: Vogonians , how do you deal with fatigue?

in Milliways
Also don't neglect your mental health. There's always been a stigma around talking about mental issues, but we need to bring that to an end. I suffered from general anxiety for most of my life, before starting to work with a therapist, and eventually starting on a course of anti-anxiety medication. …

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