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Re: Joystick in Wing Commander 3 (Windows version)

Thus, I'll be diving deep into getting a perfect DOSBox configuration for WC3-DOS (with Gravis Ultrasound instead of MT-32 emulation, like I did with WC1+2). How'd you get Gravis Ultrasound working in WC1 & 2? Both games pre-date the GUS and I don't have the option for GUS in the fully patched GOG …

Re: Joystick in Wing Commander 3 (Windows version)

Thanks for your input! I just got a message from a friend about this. He wrote "Frankly, the superiority of the Windows version is not wholly accurate; back in the mid-90s, there was considerable debate about this. While the digital audio of the Windows version improves the sound quality for people …

Joystick in Wing Commander 3 (Windows version) [SOLVED!]

Hey guys, the GOG version of Wing Commander 3 is the DOS version, which I'm not too happy about. (It's got some bad sound clipping, too.) I know I could go ahead and tweak those DOSBox settings myself and all, but I'd really prefer playing the Windows version. So I installed the WC3 Windows version …

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