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Re: TUV4X + SL6BY PIII-S Build

Hi, I have the same motherboard, with official BIOS 1006.002, but I can't get the Tualatin 1.4 "S" work. Where can I get that modified BIOS with the tB1 microcode update ??? What happens exactly? I have a 1.4 Tualatin-S tB1 in my TUV4X RDD (I have two of those motherboard) and works fine. Does the …

Re: PC randomly shuts off with scary rattle (like Geiger counter from Half-Life) coming from PC speaker

Try another PSU if you can. The "rattling" sounds you hear might be the noise the PC speaker makes when it reboots. My RDD does the same too before it POSTs. It's a sort of soft "click" noise coming from the speaker, mine does it two or three times before POSTing. Maybe one of the rails of your PSU …

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