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Re: MT-32 emulator available again!

Hi. 1.) Your MT-32 Emulator MIDI driver rulez!!! :) :) :) 2.) Because of your emulator seems to emulate the MT32 device in a really low level way, could you build a driver which includes a MT-32 Emulator that uses techniques like: - HLE (high level emulation) or - dynamic recompilation ? 3.) In the …


It is not so easy it seems like to be for you. :) I just have MSVC 6.0(produces maaaaany errors while compiling) So it would be great if the "-b swithc" would be a standard in the next releases of DOSBOX. Well, there are allready many pages about chiptunes, midis and further ripped classic stuff( …


DOSBOX memdump feature is great, but it is not really easy to convert the [HEX] memdump.txt to [bin] memdump.bin every time. To convert the HEX-data to bin-data I have to start "open office" and use its "find and replace"-feature to remove the offsets. Then I have to copy the "HEX"-Text into …


Well within dosbox you can do many actions like "grab screen, grab wav, grab midi, grab adlib, grab opl3, grab video, in/decrease frame skip & ips, setup the keaboard and so on...all done with keyboard shortcuts...) What about a control panel beside the dosbox window? This would be a more than …

dosbox debug - dump memory

http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=3944 The debug window appeares but how to interact with the debug window? If I press "minus key" then only a "-" appears in dosbox commandline. If the debug wintow is active (in foreground) and I press any key then the debug window stops doing anything. However …

Re: RDOS Adlib Catcher

I tried the last CVS-Win32-release and RAC stores the buffer to the raw-file succesfully. Well the raw file contains binary data but I cannot hear anything in winamp or rdosplay. What is wrong? http://www.winamp5.de.tt/dosboxadlibgrab.html

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