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Re: Lost Vikings General MIDI port changer

in DOS
Lost Vikings do use the the sound card's GM possibilities through MPU401 port (usually 330h or 300h). Check the settings of your Live! card in the device manager, also check MIDI routing in multimedia tab in the control panel. And with this card you'll never get any wavetable sound in pure DOS, …

Re: R.I.P. SoundBlaster AWE32

in Marvin \ Sound
Going to up this thread. Got the CT4380 AWE64 card that cannnot be detected at all - even not in the list of PnP cards on the BIOS startup screen. Looking at the card I cannot say that there's something wrong - everything looks very good, no lines or components seemed to got any damage. Everything's …

Re: Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS front panel

in Marvin \ Sound
I suppose that live<=>drive interconnection is digital, so shielding doesn't affect on sound quality (in this particular case). there's a DAC and a headphone amplifier on the drive's PCB. seems like there's something wrong with them, mostly with the amp. are you the first owner of the module and did …

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