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Re: Intel i945/GMA950 GPU

I'm getting an old Dell D430 working for some projects, and I'd also like to know if anyone has a version of GMATweaker? The site was never archived and no longer exists. The GMABooster app is also date limited and it doesn't seem to be possible to get a serial anymore. I did all of that back 10 …

Re: GPU upgrade...or not... Legacy Nvidia G80 8800 GTX topic fix or not.... repair data in topic

"Finaly found a upgrade GPU for the old Dell Precision 490" update , I buyed sunday a (partially)broken Quadro K4200 , 4gb gddr5 ,however, it gave a code 43 on the gpu under windows , and some horiz lines(after driver install) .... Cleaned the whole thing , after dissasambly , then hot ironed …

Re: EZ-Drive Dynamic Drive Overlay

Luzemario wrote on 2023-10-27, 20:24: PhilsComputerLab wrote on 2015-01-20, 07:18: Download it from here: http://www.philscomputerlab.com/ez-drive.html This link is broken. The result is an HTTP error 404. or more here : REMOVED (look over the REMOVED , there are more overlay apps there also).

Re: EZ-Drive Dynamic Drive Overlay

Is it possible to make a bootable floppy disk that loads the EZ drive int 13 extensions? it should be , EZ drive read from floppy , is just be a few files on top of the stock DOS disc... my EZ or other overlay tool asks for the dos disc so it can boot from dos disk (1.44) then enter with C: to the …

Re: Unable to boot Dell to windows ,or re-enter manufactureing mode any expert on new-er systems out there?

Everything is correct. You need the storage in GPT for UEFI booting to work. Convert the primary storage without losing data. I done this few times in past. What you are trying is you are missing a requirement that SSD or hard drive has to be in GPT instead of MBR for UEFI to work. Boot the win 10 …

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