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Re: Best OS for a 286?

I know I'm not in the best part of the forum , but I have a head-ache trying to install win 3 or 3.1 on my T3200e.... no matter what memory manager I try i just don't seem to get the hang of it. It has 4x1 simms installed , however at disk 3 of win3/3.1/311 it b4 GUI starts it says out of memory... …

Re: Best OS for a 286?

Just to clarify , Yes you can run Fat32 on 80286 /286 under PC-DOS 7.01+ with fat32 support. ( I had the option to use /format drive in fat 32 under EZ Drive 8+ or Ontrack Disk Manager 9.57) - so its worth trying. I decided on 3x1,5 gb fat16 but you can go as much as program lets you.

Running Windows on Toshiba T3100e

Hello, I am working on a little side project (a Toshiba T3100e -80286 & co-cpu) , where I managed to upgrade hdd , run PC-dos , however having problem in staring windows.... Running Windows on Toshiba T3100e is not turning out to be a simple task. (maybe I am selecting wrong specs during …

Re: EZ-Drive Dynamic Drive Overlay

I would love a manual , because I am really stuck , seem to have skipped some steps.... I am trying to use a 4GB drive WD Caviar WD43AA on a old Toshiba T3100e , so WD utility seems ok with new drive in Toshiba.... WDTBLCHK sees it(even HDDID.exe) ,(as drv.1), and WDDIAG 2.60 runs great... It …

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